how do i stop growing up this isn’t fun anymore

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stop surrounding yourself with negativity, distance yourself from everyone who hated iron man 3, you deserve better

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a girl told me that i dont have a boyfriend because im “a slut” and “guys dont like sluts” which is funny because i thought i didnt have one because im gay 

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btvs appreciation week: [day 1] favorite character → buffy summers

"Oh, it’s not a gay thing! Well, she’s gay but we don’t…gay."

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It’s interesting that if it was a GUY saying those things, everyone would be all, “patriarchy! misogyny! rapist! self-entitled typical MAN! how dare you!”

maybe no one’s mad at this because typically when men say stuff like that they say it because they feel entitled to women and they disrespect a woman’s right to say no

and when cute lesbian cheerleaders say it they mean “please stop running from ur sexuality in order for ur parents to approve of u, we both know we’re in love so let’s just be together”


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Oh, hi Tony! 

Reblogged just for the shot of Avengers Tower. Also the fact that, for a few minutes there, Tony Stark’s life was in Steve Rogers hands. Think this makes up for the bomb Tony saved everyone from?

Me in the theater: “Derp derp, Steve is going to save the day, wow explosions look at all the explosions wow Sam don’t fight Crossbones that is a bad, derp hey look they’re targeting people, why is the President on the Hill that’s dumb get into a bunker continuity of government is so fucked right n—HOLY SHIT IS THAT STARK TOWER? SHIT FUCK IS THAT TONY??? SAVE THAT DOT STEVEN. SAVE THAT ONE DOT IN PARTICULAR OR SO HELP ME GOD.”

an apt description of my reaction too

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Oh, well…

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So what have you been up to since New York?

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